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Eastern Washington
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The privilege of working with dentists in PNW is something I’ve done well for 30+ years now. Until recently, my career has focused on helping dentists with their vision/dream of building a successful practice, and then partnering with them to create success, growth and efficiencies in their business. Over the years, I recognized an enormous void as dentists entered the final stage of their career and needed to begin to consider their exit strategy and transition planning. There was no reliable, successful and proven platform to ensure a Trusted Transition Process. DDSmatch is that process today, ensuring a systemic plan to ensure the best match for the seller, the buyer, the staff and the patients. The power of the networking team of dental professionals is key. i.e., Experienced Dental Attorneys, CPA’s, Bankers, Advisors, etc. My role is that of a Transition Advisor and Coach to my client doctor, so they are in control of their transition, on their terms!

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